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Fully Managed Payroll for Agencies

Convert your payroll from a cost centre to a revenue source with our Managed Payroll Service.

Outsourcing your payroll to Pro Corporate will not only give your company a state of the art fully managed payroll department with an online portal, but we can also turn it into a revenue source for your business.

  • Outsource your entire payroll administration to the experts
  • Gain a branded online system for you and your workers for payments and expenses
  • Improve cashflow by 50% compared to using an umbrella company
  • Email and text-message payment notifications with easy to understand payslips
  • Online expenses and receipts system, managed by our trained staff
  • Increase take-home for workers by claiming expenses
  • Right To Work and Working Time Directive administration
  • Online employment contract management

Our Managed Payroll Service for Recruitment Agencies - FAQs

How can this generate income for my company?
Your workers can usually claim tax deductible expenses (using our leading online expenses systems) which in turn reduces your employer's NIC costs. For many of our clients this means that they have lower overall payroll costs whilst gaining a superior out-sourced service.

We can also offer great Financial Services to your workers (including pensions and mortgages) earning you commission.
Are there any initial set-up costs?
No. We have a great team of IT and Payroll Support Staff who will make the transition to our service as smooth as possible. Experience shows that once a company has started using our service they invariably stay to become a loyal and growing customer.
Can I try it with a small number of workers first?
Sure - this works well for larger agencies who would like to 'test out' our service before committing to an across-the-board adoption.
What aspects of the payroll do I still need to run?
We need timesheet information which either your workers enter or you can provide online (or by spreadsheet). You then just need to provide online authorisation for the final payroll calculations. You'll also need to send one payment to cover the entire payroll. We will then make payment to the workers (same day faster payment) and issue payslips. You can track the whole process online of course.
What expenses can my workers claim?
We follow HMRC's rules which dictate which expenses workers can claim and log all receipts online. Receipts are sent directly to us here where our experienced team will check the claims.

Generally, travel, subsistence and personal incidental claims that are directly related to the contract are allowed. We provide online guidance for your workers during the claim process.
What is the cost of using the service?
Depending on volume, typical costs are between £5 and £10 per worker per week. However, this cost is often fully covered by the savings made on Employer's NIC if your workers can claim expenses.
What if my workers are not able to claim expenses?
No problem. We have many clients whose workers do not claim expenses. Although these clients do not make the additional Employer's NIC savings, they still benefit hugely by outsourcing their payroll process to ProCorporate.
How is this different to an Umbrella Company?
The advantages of our service over an umbrella company are clear:
  • Your workers do not have to pay a fee
  • Your company can make NIC savings unlike when using an umbrella company
  • Cash flow is greatly improved as you do not need to pay NIC and PAYE up-front (or any VAT) as you do with an umbrella company
  • There is no confusing "umbrella employer" involved
  • No need to deal with an array of different umbrella companies each with their own invoices, payments and set up procedures
  • You can maintain as much control as you like with our service. Our support team and online services are here to help both you and your workers
  • Our payroll service is branded to be in-line with the rest of your company. Your workers do not need to deal with a 3rd party brand in order to get paid
How is this different from a normal Payroll Bureau?
We provide the full package and are not simply a payroll number-cruncher. Here are some things we do that most other payroll bureau will not:
  • We actually save you money rather than being an additional cost
  • We make the payment to your workers (same-day, faster payment) and send text message / email notifications
  • We manage your worker's expenses (including scanning and checking receipts) and perform HMRC compliant audits
  • We provide a leading online portal for timesheets, expenses, payment and other employment functions
  • We handle all PAYE administration including end of year forms, tax-code changes, P45s etc
  • We are a people-based service with trained staff. We'll talk to your staff and workers as required
How is the service 'branded'?
Our online service, emails, payslips are styled to match your company's identity. workers and your staff can access the online services via a link on your own website. We can even answer phone calls in your company name.
How do I pay my payroll taxes when using your service?
Unlike an umbrella company, you do not need to find cash for PAYE or NIC up-front (or for VAT at all). We can co-ordinate the payment of tax according to HMRC's normal payment schedule. Your tax position is viewable online.
How do you know how much to pay each worker?
Workers' rates are set-up before hand and then we simply require the hours worked for each timesheet. We can then run the payroll calculations taking into account the benefit of expenses claimed. We then let you know exactly how much is needed for payment to the workers (after tax).
What about tax-code changes / P45s / P46s and other payroll related end of year forms?
We are the full package and will deal with all this on your behalf. We also have online forms for your new workers to complete; P46s etc - this speeds the whole process up.
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