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Backoffice for Umbrella Companies - case study #4

Minimising risk through compliance.

We've helped clients manage the complex compliance issues present in employing and paying temporary workers, by outsourcing their backoffice to Pro Corporate.

  • Health & Safety - All workers must complete online H&S assessment and reviews before commencing employment.
  • Right to Work - Full checks are made before employment begins.
  • Staff Handbook - Sets out company procedures and expected standards of behaviour to protect the employer.
  • Staff Pension - All workers have access to a stakeholder pension scheme as required by law.
  • Insurance - All workers must declare location and occupation to activate compulsory employer insurance before employment begins.
  • Contract of employment - We offer the use of our standard employment contract, which has been drafted specifically for us by a specialist employment law firm to ensure it provides an 'over-arching' contract across different assignments carried out by the worker.

    New workers are provided with a written contract which complies with s1-7 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA) and the Employment Act 2002.
  • National Minimum Wage - Workers are always paid at least NMW as salary to protect employers.
  • Working Time Directive - We monitor hours worked in accordance with the directive, even for project workers with no hourly timesheets.
  • Holiday Pay - The worker can optionally accrue or include holiday pay on their payments.
  • PAYE & NIC - Taxes are deducted according to current HMRC rules.

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