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Backoffice for Umbrella Companies - case study #2

Same day payments - every working day!

ProCorporate worked with this successful umbrella company to improve their payment processes and win new clients.

The client had increased their payroll significantly, but were beginning to struggle to provide a reliable payment service to workers. Working with ProCorporate enabled them to turnaround a small but growing section of unhappy workers:

  • Timesheets entered online by workers, umbrella company or recruitment agency
  • 'Pay Prediction' facility let workers see exactly when they will be paid
  • SMS and email to workers early on payment day significantly reduces enquiries
  • Payments made to workers each and every business day
  • Payments reach workers the same day funds arrive from recruitment agency
  • Online Pay advice and final SMS reduces enquiries even further
The service has proved a useful tool to help the client negotiating sole-supplier agreements with recruitment agencies and significantly reduce costs.
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