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Backoffice for Umbrella Companies

Working with ProCorporate to reduce your Umbrella Company backoffice costs.

ProCorporate provides fully branded backoffice services for several temporary worker payment companies. We've helped umbrella companies to success by reducing their costs and increasing the quality of service to their clients:

  • Outsource your backoffice umbrella administration to the experts
  • Gain a branded online system for you and your workers for payments and expenses
  • Online expenses and receipts system, fully validated and managed by our trained staff
  • Email and text-message payment notifications with easy to understand payslips
  • Right-to-Work and Working Time Directive administration
  • Online employment contract and Health & Safety management
This partnership allows you to focus on key parts of your business, especially in building relationships with recruiters.

Case History #1 - managing worker expense claims

Case History #2 - same day payments - every working day!

Case History #3 - outsource to reduce costs

Case History #4 - minimising risk through compliance

Backoffice Service for Umbrella Companies - FAQs

How can this generate savings for my Umbrella Company?
Our systems provide efficiencies through both scale and automation. The level of automation also improves clients' experience as essential tasks don't get forgotten.

We can also offer great Financial Services to your workers (including pensions and mortgages) earning you commission.
What about looking after customer service?
We can look after as much or as little of the day-to-day customer service as you require. Typically, we would manage workers' timesheet, payment dates and payroll queries and leave other aspects to you.
What about managing expense claims?
We follow HMRC's rules which dictate which expenses workers can claim. All receipts are scanned and logged online. Receipts are sent directly to us here where our experienced team will check the claims.

We provide online guidance for your workers during the claim process.
What is the cost of using the service?
We only charge you when you are collecting fees from your workers. Depending on volume, typical costs are between £10 and £15 per worker per week. Our fees will usually be less than your own costs for managing timesheets, expenses and payments apart from the improved customer service achieved with your branded online portal.
Are there any initial set-up costs?
No. We have a great team of IT and Payroll Support Staff who will make the transition to our service as smooth as possible. Experience shows that once a company has started using our service they invariably stay to become a loyal and growing customer.
How is the service 'branded'?
Our online service, emails, payslips are styled to match your company's identity. Workers and your staff can access the online services via a link on your own website. We can even answer phone calls in your company name.
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